Shandong America Industries

We manufacture technically certified, custom built parts for manufacturers across the globe.

About SDA

Providing solutions that work for you

By manufacturing custom-built components and providing specialized services, Shandong America Industries enables the success of many industries and facilitates the entry of manufacturers into the global market.


SDA specializes in designing and constructing custom parts that are technically certified to meet the specific requirements of manufacturers across various industries.

Equipment & Parts

We offer customized equipment and parts that can be tailored to the specific requirements of our customers, whether they need components for small and straightforward machinery or for large and intricate systems.

Why Choose Us

Specialty Services

Our range of specialized services includes parts inspections, export/import management, and supply chain management, all of which are aimed at assisting our customers in entering the global market.

About SDA

SDA has been delivering custom-made parts and global supplier services since 1984, offering exclusive advantages that are not available anywhere else.

Our Customers Say

“SDA has an excellent record of providing quality products, priced fairly, and on-time.”

Travis Anttila, Purchasing Manager

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