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Cast Hub Housing

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Trenchers are machines used to dig trenches in the ground for various purposes, such as installing cables, pipes, or drainage systems, and can be used for digging trenches for landscaping or construction projects. Trenchers have a digging attachment that is lowered into the ground to excavate a trench and are typically powered by a gasoline or diesel engine and can be operated by one person.

SDA proudly provides the following products to the RTX1250 Trencher as well as the Vermeer Pedestrian Trencher line: 

Trencher Undercarriage

SDA provides undercarriage components for large trenching equipment to small, pedestrian, and walk behind trenchers.  Such components include split bogies, tension rollers, sprockets, spindles, cast hubs, and idler assemblies.

Drive Spindle and Sprockets
The drive spindle and sprockets are ADI (Austempered Ductile Iron) Grade 3 and Grade 4. SDA has the knowledge, experience, and ability to make ADI parts correctly when many suppliers cannot.

About Vermeer Trenchers

Vermeer trenchers, pedestrian trenchers, and walk behind trenchers come with a quad-track system and can be fitted with diverse attachments to operate in different ground conditions. These trenchers are engineered to handle a broad spectrum of weather and ground conditions, enabling you to fulfill jobsite demands. Vermeer provides a comprehensive range of machines and attachments tailored to enhance productivity, ensuring that you have the appropriate equipment for the job. When it comes to cutting through challenging surfaces such as rock and concrete, Vermeer trenchers are the ultimate solution.

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