Industries We Serve

At SDA, we specialize in the design and construction of technically certified custom parts that tailor to the specific needs of manufacturers across a broad range of industries.

SDA is dedicated to ensuring that agriculture remains a cornerstone of the global economy by providing custom-built agriculture parts that streamline farming processes.

SDA specializes in manufacturing reliable and efficient parts for a variety of construction needs that cannot be accomplished without dependable equipment.

SDA offers parts that enhance the cost-efficiency and timely operation of landscaping machines and equipment, regardless of the landscaping task at hand.

Forestry experts can rely on SDA for solutions and parts that enable them to reduce their impact on the environment and natural resources while using forestry equipment.

SDA is committed to creating a more sustainable world by designing and manufacturing custom parts for renewable energy equipment, which supports the growing adoption of renewable energy.

Utility equipment plays a vital role and significantly impacts our daily lives. SDA is dedicated to providing reliable and efficient parts and services to our customers, ensuring that their utility equipment functions optimally and provides better service for all.

The SDA Difference

Shandong America Industries (SDA) is an American-owned, internationally-located company that designs and builds custom parts for manufacturers across the globe and offers specialty services for those who wish to enter the international market. Our experienced team has over 45 years of engineering experience specializing in traction systems, undercarriage components, and more.