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Rear Idler Assembly

Drive Sprocket

Tripple Bogey Assembly

Spring Track Tensioner Assembly

Chassis Assembly
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Compact Track Loader

Compact track loaders are versatile construction machines that operate on rubber tracks rather than wheels. They are similar to skid steers, but the tracks provide additional stability and traction, particularly in soft or uneven terrain. Compact track loaders typically have lift arms and can be equipped with various attachments, such as buckets, forks, and augers, making them useful for a wide range of tasks. They are often used in construction, landscaping, forestry, agriculture, and other industries.

SDA proudly provides the following products to Compact Track Loader lines from Yanmar, CAT, John Deer, and more:

CTL Undercarriage Components
All the CTL components (including bogies, idlers, tensioners, tension rollers, and chassis) were designed by SDA engineers specifically for the customer’s needs.

Drive Sprocket
The drive sprocket was redesigned from a casting to a forging for longer wear life and lowered expense to the customer.

SDA provides multiple types of pins, including pivot pins, grease pins, and mounting blank pins.

About Yanmar Compact Track Loaders

With Yanmar's reliable diesel performance, you can easily move materials such as rocks, dirt, mulch, manure, salt, and fertilizer. The fully automatic accelerator mode eliminates repetitive steps and the rear axle oscillation ensures greater stability on uneven terrain, which helps to prevent spillage even with a fully loaded bucket. Yanmar machines are designed for easy maintenance access, allowing you to keep your operation running smoothly and your profits growing.

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