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Mini Skid Steers

Mini Skid Steers are compact, maneuverable machines commonly used in construction, landscaping, agriculture, and other industries. They are smaller versions of traditional Skid Steers, with a narrower frame, smaller size, and lighter weight, making them ideal for use in tight spaces or uneven terrain.

SDA proudly provides the following products to the Vermeer Mini Skid Steer product line:

SDA engineers have designed and patented custom wheel assemblies that incorporate taper roller bearings and metal face seals. This innovative feature extends the life of the mini Skid Steer rollers without adding additional costs.

About Vermeer Mini Skid Steers

Vermeer's mini Skid Steers, also known as compact utility loaders, are specifically designed to meet the needs of professional landscapers and tree care contractors. They are compact in size and lightweight, making them ideal for working in small spaces. These mini Skid Steer loaders are equipped with a wide range of attachments, and their universal mounting plate allows for quick and easy hookup, making them well-equipped to handle various tasks.

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