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Bogey Wheel Assembly

Rice Harvester

Rice harvesters, or rice combines, are agricultural machines that harvest rice crops. They offer several advantages over traditional manual harvesting methods, including increased efficiency, improved yield, labor savings, and reduced crop loss. Rice harvesters are a valuable tool for farmers and have become essential to modern rice cultivation.

SDA proudly provides the following products to the Kubota Rice Harvester product line:

Track Roller Assembly
The fully enclosed, custom wheel assembly was designed by SDA engineers specifically for our customer’s needs.

About Kubota Rice Harvesters

For more than half a century, Kubota has been producing rice harvesters that have revolutionized transplanting and harvesting rice. By doing so, Kubota has effectively reduced labor while boosting efficiency in the agricultural industry. With the rapid mechanization of rice farming in Asia, Kubota utilizes its advanced machinery technologies to create innovative solutions catering to a wider customer base beyond Japan. Kubota's expertise in rice harvesting enables it to provide reliable technologies that can support farmers in producing even the smallest amounts of rice.

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