About Us

About Us

American-owned, internationally manufactured

Chris Carhart had a vision to revolutionize the manufacturing industry when he founded Carhart America in 1984. He was determined to bring more affordable solutions for companies across the U.S. and quickly realized that having an international presence would help him achieve his goal. His advancement into China allowed him to slash costs while expanding capabilities – ultimately paving the way for greater success.

Chris found the ideal business hub in China’s Shandong Province. Its advantages included proximity to casting and forging facilities, bearing and seal factories, and ten shipping ports— including six first-class ports directly connected to the U.S. market. With these resources, he began supplying small and inexpensive parts. As China started exporting iron and steel, Carhart America expanded its capabilities and began producing more complex components and parts.

In 2016, Carhart America underwent a successful re-branding to become Shandon America Industries (SDA) and now employs 40+ experts in engineering, quality control, manufacturing processes, and assembly. While their main facilities are located in Yantai, Shandong, they also maintain a significant presence in America, with offices based out of Surprise, Arizona.

Since 1984, SDA has been delivering on its mission to make custom parts and solutions more accessible for manufacturers across the globe. What began as one man’s vision for improved production strength is now an integral part of many industries in the United States and beyond.

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